Santa Clara Adult Ed

    1840 Benton Street, Santa Clara, CA 95050
    **Priority is given to City of Santa Clara Residents for our Regular ESL Classes**

                   Core ESL Classes                    Supplementary Class
                   Placement Test Required          No Placement Test Required   
             Offered: Fall, Winter and Spring     Offered: Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer 
     ESL – English as a Second Language
    “Learn English!”


    Placement tests for the Fall term are FULL as of 8/7/2017.
    We will post the next test dates soon. 
    Students must register in-person in the office at 1840 Benton Street, Santa Clara. Students who want Day Classes must sign up for the Day Tests, and students who want Evening Classes sign up for Evening Tests.
    Students may also take our Supplementary Classes which do not require a placement test. These classes can be found on the left hand side of this page. Clicking on the class title will show the cost, times, dates and description. Choose carefully as we have a no refund policy.

    Core classes are free and taking the ESL placement test does not guarantee entry into a class. If classes fill up students will be placed on a waiting list and will be placed if a space becomes available.


    Basic or Core ESL classes for beginning thru advanced students meet in the morning and evening.

    These classes teach speaking, listening, reading and writing.
    Instruction is focused on communication skills students need for daily life in the United States.

    Morning Classes:
    Monday through Friday 9–11:30 am
    (Not offered in Summer) 

    Evening Classes:
    Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 7–9:30 pm
    (Not offered in Summer)
    Returning Students:
    will register with their teacher in their classroom.

    New Students: need to take a test before placement. 
    There may be a book fee for some classes.
    Students need to register for the placement test in the main office of the adult school.
    *There are no core ESL classes offered in the Summer Term, we only offer the Supplementary classes during Summer. 

    *Priority for enrollment in ESL classes will be given to residents of the Santa Clara Unified School District.