General Policies
  • Due to the state budget cuts that have been imposed on California Adult Schools, the majority of classes that we teach are fee-based, meaning they need to be self-supporting.  Class price is determined by a cost per hour of instruction.  Hourly fees may differ based upon the cost of the class and historical attendance levels.   
  • Continuation of classes supported by state funds is depending on funding and enrollment.
  • Some classes are open entry/open exit.
  • Students may be dropped for poor attendance.
  • Students will be dropped for disrespectful or disruptive behavior in classrooms or on campus.
  • The Governing Board prohibits the unlawful sexual harassment of any student or employee by any other employee, student r other person on school sites.
  • Missed classes may not be made up nor will a refund be given.
  • Certificates may be awarded for successfully completing all course objectives.
  • All copyrighted materials must be used in compliance with applicable copyright and other laws. Computer software, graphics, audio, video, or other files may not be loaded on school computers without appropriate licensing.