Access 2016 – Level I

This class introduces database concepts, terminology, and basic functions to create and manage database files.

  • Add records to a database table using datasheets and forms, and learn how to delete, edit, preview and print records.
  • Modify table structures, set Lookup and field properties, and document a database.
  • Manipulate data by filtering and sorting records and prepare queries to select and analyze data.
  • Learn the principles of designing a relational database and work with relationships.

Students will be able to connect with their instructor for support at their chosen time slot.


  • Must know Windows. No exceptions
  • Knowledge of Excel Level 1 recommended
  • Must purchase e-Book with eLab license at

Microsoft Access 2016: Essentials
Labyrinth Learning (ebook and eLab)

ITEM: 1-59136-866-9
ISBN-13: 978-1-59136-866-3

  • Must have access to Microsoft Office Suite

Instructor: A. Kodi ([email protected])

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