High School Diploma

Come back to school and get your high school diploma now so you can graduate!

Independent Study Program for Adults

All classes are delivered in an online format.

Complete your high school credits and receive your adult high school diploma through independent study instruction.

Getting into the program:

  • Interested students complete a Santa Clara Adult Education registration form AND provide official sealed transcripts from their last school.
  • All students will meet with a counselor prior to starting classes.
  • It is recommended that students speak, read and understand English.


  • Students attend 2 hour appointments each week with June Nichols, High School Diploma Instructor.
  • Students complete 20 hours of homework per week.
  • $50 book deposit


  • Computer lab time for independent study is available. Please talk with the instructor for the schedule.

Maikhanh Le, Office Assistant
Phone: 408-423-3521
Email: [email protected]

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