Software QA and Testing Training Program

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Learn to become a software test professional. Train to use automated and performance test tools to enhance your career. This program is appropriate for both novice testers looking for a foundation of coursework and experienced testers looking to stay current in the industry.

The following classes are required to receive The Software Quality Assurance and Testing Program Certificate:

  • Fundamentals of Software Testing (Not offered in Fall)
  • Mobile Testing (Not offered in Fall)
  • Mobile Test Automation (Not offered in Fall)
  • Programming and White Box Testing in Java (Not offered in Fall)
  • Programming in Python
  • Selenium Web Driver with Java (Not offered in Fall)
  • Learning SQL using MS SQL Server  (Not offered in Fall)

The classes can be taken individually to meet personal goals or in sequence towards a Program Certificate.

Contact :
Connie Webb
Phone: 408-423-3523
Email: [email protected]

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