Adobe Spark – Intro to Social Medial Visual Content – Online class

Class Description

Instagram, FaceBook and social media platforms demand photography and video content to tell quick and simple stories. Are you ready to break into the field of Visual Content or just curious how to promote on today’s social media platforms? Adobe debuts Spark, a suite of mobile and web tools that lets anyone create visual content. From classroom to explorers, Spark is used by students, businesses and everyday people. Open your eyes, your smart phone, and your possibilities to creating social graphics, photo web pages, web stories and animated video content for business, personal, and more.

Class is introduction to the free Adobe Spark tool.

Contact instructor regarding software. [email protected]

W3:30-5:30 PM3/10-3/172$48REGISTER NOW

Class Details

Materials: Contact instructor regarding software. [email protected]

Prerequisites: None

Instructor: N. Vigeant

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