Come to Your Senses

Class Description

How we interpret the world around us determines our health and happiness. Problems, struggles, miscommunications often are a result of our interpretations of “sensory” data. We see the world through our habitually ingrained modes of behavior and beliefs. In this workshop you will learn about sensory systems (seeing, hearing, feeling) and how they can be utilized to enhance our lives and relationships with others. This class stands alone. However to have the greatest benefit from the information it is suggested to take the next 2 Personal Growth classes. This is class #1.
W6:00PM-9:00PM3/8-3/8D71$50REGISTER NOW
W6:00PM-9:00PM5/10-5/10D71$50REGISTER NOW
Sense scrabble letters word on a red background

Class Details

Materials: None

Prerequisites: None

Instructor: R. Peterson

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