Computer Skills for Employment

Class Description

During the course, you will learn basic computer skills including using the operating system and word processing skills. Understanding how to correctly use a computer is a life skill and is required for over 90% of jobs.
Become familiar with:
  • Finding, running, and closing a program.
  • How files, folders, and directories work.
  • File Naming Convention and Saving a file.
  • Using File Explorer to find and open a file.
  • Zip/Unzip of files
  • Email Etiquette
  • Learn the basics of Microsoft Word by creating a resume and flyer.
  • Develop a presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint.
T, Th6:00PM-8:30PM6/6-6/29K18$59REGISTER NOW
Desktop PC computer in empty office

Class Details

Materials: None

Prerequisites: None

Instructor: A. Kodi

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