Furniture Design and Woodworking

Class Description

Learn to safely operate of all major hand and power tools in our fully equipped shop. Design and implement a project of your choosing with instructor assistance. Gain skills and confidence in woodworking and design. Make safety and proper use of tools and machinery your priority.

Materials provided by student. New students to class must attend 1st two sessions and complete assigned project.

No prior experience required. All levels welcome.

Please read the following:

This class is not in session until authorized by Santa Clara Unified School District in conjunction with the Santa Clara County Public Health Department.

If you would like to be placed on a contact list to be notified when the class is authorized to open:

1. Please select the “register now” button for the class you are interested in.

2. Select “register now” on the next screen.

3. Register for the class to be placed on the contact list (waitlist). No payment is required at this time.

4. You will be notified when the class is authorized to open.

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Class Details

Materials: Materials provided by student.

Prerequisites: None

Instructor: S. Zamora, [email protected]; D. Hecker [email protected]

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