Excel 2016 – Level I

Create, edit, format text, number, rows and columns as well as print a simple worksheet.

  • Modify the worksheet by performing editing tasks such as copy, paste, move, insert, delete, find, replace, and sort data.
  • Manage large worksheets by using linking formulas, 3-D reference and copying formats between worksheets.
  • Using exercises in the book, students will write formulas using absolute and relative reference, use functions and auditing tools.
  • Create many types of charts, format chart objects, and enhance a worksheet by using conditional format ting, graphics, headers, and footers.

Students will be able to connect with their instructor for support at the chosen time slot.

Transferable credit: Excel Level 1 and level 2 have been articulated with Mission College and qualify for 3 credit units. Please ask your instructor for more information.


Microsoft Excel 2016: Comprehensive
Labyrinth Learning (ebook and eLab)

ITEM: 1-59136-845-6
ISBN- 13: 978-1-59136-845-8

  • Must have access to Microsoft Office Suite

Instructor: A. Kodi ([email protected])

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