Fundamentals of Software Testing

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This course provides the foundation for developing and using theory based practice in Software Testing (“manual” environment). This detailed, practical, intensive workshop-style course will enable attendees to

  • Understand the core concepts and principles of testing;
  • How to effectively derive effective and reliable test cases;
  • Comprehend test planning, execution, results and follow-up processes;
  • Learn about writing and tracking effective defect reports to get problems solved; manage the test environment; define major black-box test techniques.

Upon completion, the student should understand basic software testing tasks and methodologies sufficiently to contribute meaningfully to the software testing effort within a software development organization. This course is for anyone currently involved in testing or about to move into a testing role. Many of the course tasks were designed to be realistic or impressive (to an employer) and to give you a chance to do professional-quality work that you can show off during a job interview. Finally, the work that you do in this course might help you land a job.

Prerequisite: Working knowledge of the Windows O/S. Moderate proficiency with the components of Microsoft Office and other common PC applications recommended.

Textbook: Discussed in class

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