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Learn Online!
Online Courses are informative,
fun, convenient, and highly
interactive. Courses are projectoriented
and include lessons,
quizzes, hands-on assignments,
discussion areas, sixweek format,
supplementary links, and more.
You can complete any course
entirely from your home or
office, any time of the day
or night.

Courses include:
• Expert Instructor
• 24-Hour Access
• Online Discussion Areas
• 6 Weeks of Instruction
• Hundreds of courses to
choose from
• Monthly start sessions

C# Programming Series – $299
Learn the fundamentals of computer
programming with C#, the in-demand
and incredibly useful programming
language that incorporates the best
features of Visual Basic, C++, and

C# Programming Series

Creating Web Pages – $125
Learn the basics of HTML so you can
design, create, and post your very
own site on the Web

Creating Web Pages

Creating WordPress Websites Series – $229

This series of courses
will take you from having zero
experience and knowledge of web
design to more advanced techniques.

Creating WordPress Websites Series

HTML and CSS Series – $299
Learn to use CSS3 and HTML5 to
create professional-quality websites
for desktops, laptops, and mobile

HTML and CSS Series


Java Programming Series – $229
Learn Java programming, one of the
most widely used computer languages,
in this discounted series of courses

Java Programming Series

Oracle Series – $229
Learn how to use the Oracle database
management system and gain handson
experience with Oracle’s PL/SQL
programming language.

Oracle Series


Project Management Suite – $299
In this suite, learn the essentials of
project management as you learn to
plan, implement, control, and close any
type of project along with essential
quantitative and qualitative project
management applications.

Project Management Suite

Supple Chain Suite – $299
Discover and master the fundamentals
of purchasing and supply chain
management with this group of online

Supply Chain Suite


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