• Registration Info


    1.    Using your Visa or Mastercard, you can register using one of the following:

    a.    Online at  www.SantaClaraAdultEd.org . There is a $2.50 non-refundable transaction fee for online registration

    b.    Fax in your pre-registration form to 408-423-3580. Pre-reg form is available here.

    c.    Telephone our office at (408) 423-3500.  


    2.  Mail the completed pre-registration form with a check to made payable to SCUSD (Santa Clara Unified School District). Mail it to:


    Santa Clara Adult Education

    1840 Benton Street

    Santa Clara, CA 95050.



    3. Walk-in to our office.  The map is here.



    Things you need to know:



    Classes are open to all district residents and non-district residents over the age of 18.



    Fee schedule

    Class price is determined by the cost per hour of instruction. Hourly fees may differ based on the cost of the class. Senior fees do not apply.


    Lab Fees

    Some classes require special materials. Lab fee amounts are stated in the course description or will be announced at the first class meeting.  Lab fees are due with pre-registration or at the first class meeting.  All students must pay lab fees if required.



    Students who voluntarily withdraw from class(es) will not receive refunds.  Refunds will ONLY be given for class cancellation.  A refund may be given for a major medical injury that is verified with a doctor's note. A $20 processing fee will be charged.


    Notification of Enrollment

    You will be notified only if the class you want is full or cancelled due to insufficient enrollment.