Creative Home Buying 101

Class Description

This is an information packed seminar focused on helping today’s first- time home buyer navigate the Silicon Valley home buying process successfully. Topics include: overview of market conditions, negotiation strategies for today’s market, due diligence inspections, understanding seller disclosures, avoiding costly mistakes, mortgage loan options, low down payment options and more!
T6:00PM-8:00PM5/9-5/9D61$45REGISTER NOW
Th6:00PM-8:00PM5/11-5/11D61$45REGISTER NOW
Tu6:00PM-8:00PM6/6-6/6D71$45REGISTER NOW
T6:00PM-8:00PM6/13-6/13D61$45REGISTER NOW
Th6:00PM-8:00PM6/15-6/15D61$45REGISTER NOW
Young couple looking for comparison information on their decision to buy a new home

Class Details

Materials: None

Prerequisites: None

Instructor: B. Crane

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