Silicon Valley Power

Cooking with Induction Technology!

Silicon Valley Power and Santa Clara Unified School District are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving the environment, and supporting energy-efficient technologies.

Silicon Valley Power installed induction cooktops in Santa Clara Unified School District’s Adult Education cooking classroom (I-2) so that students can experience cooking on this new technology which provides many health and safety benefits. Induction cooktops are faster and more efficient than cooking with gas or a traditional electric stove. They only heat the cookware, not the surrounding area, and there is no exposed flame so they’re safer, too.

Over the year, Silicon Valley Power will be supporting a series of classes at Adult Education that introduce the Santa Clara community to the value of induction cooking. Space is limited so that all attendees have an opportunity for a hands-on experience. Not only will you have the opportunity to test the technology, but you’ll have but you’ll also have fun learning how to cook new dishes to add to your recipe collection. Silicon Valley Power customers can call (408) 423-3500 to receive $50 off the regular cost of the class.  Residents may only register for one class through this series so that others may have an opportunity to test the induction cooktops. 

The next classes in the series are listed hereAdditional classes coming soon. For questions, please call (408) 423-3500 or email us at [email protected]

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