Student Resources

English Language Resources


  • Daily ESL  (Intermediate) – Short listening stories on daily life topics, multiple choice vocabulary  
  • Randall’s ESL Cyber Learning Lab  (All Levels) – Dialogues, short answers 
  • ESL Podcast  (All Levels) Podcasts on a variety of topics
  • NPR Podcast  (Intermediate/Advanced) Podcast on a variety of topics, no quizzes
  • PBS Newshour (Advanced) – Newscasts with corresponding transcripts
  • Ted Talks  (All Levels) – Extended lectures on mainly academic topics with transcripts  
  • Drew’s Fluency  (Intermediate) – Short conversations on a variety of daily topics, short answer



  • Learn English Feel Good  (All Levels) – Quizzes on all facts of grammar
  • Towson On-line Writing  (Intermediate/Advanced) – Extensive explanations of main grammar points with corresponding quizzes
  • Perfect English Grammar (Intermediate/Advanced) – Many quizzes and explanation of main grammar points


  • Free Rice (All levels) – Vocabulary Practice
  • Learners Dictionary –  (Intermediate/Advanced)Vocabulary and grammar practice