Student Resources


  • Daily ESL  (Intermediate) Short listening stories on daily life topics, multiple choice vocabulary  
  • Randall’s ESL Cyber Learning Lab  (All Levels) Dialogues, short answers
  • ESL Levels) Podcasts on a variety of topics
  • NPR Podcast   (Intermediate/Advanced) Podcast on a variety of topics, no quizzes
  • PBS Newshour (Advanced) Newscasts with corresponding transcripts
  • TED Talks  (All Levels) Extended lectures on mainly academic topics with transcripts  (Advanced)
  • English Speak Listen to native speakers in conversation for practice pronunciation and word stress
  • ESL Fast Stories and conversations that you can read and listen to at the same time, sentence structure, writing practice, etc.  The site is good for listening to simple conversations by native speakers.



  • Learn English Feel Good  (All Levels) Quizzes on all facts of grammar
  • Towson On-line Writing  (Intermediate/Advanced) Extensive explanations of main grammar points with corresponding quizzes
  • Perfect English Grammar     (Intermediate/Advanced) Many quizzes and explanation of main grammar points.
  • English Grammar Online  Lots of information and exercises on grammar topics. Click on “Grammar” under “Cram Up” on left side.
  • English Page  (All Levels) Many quizzes and explanations of main grammar points
  • Grammar Bytes  (All Levels) Many quizzes and explanations of main grammar points
  • Using English  (All Levels) Many quizzes on all areas of grammar
  • ESL Gold  (All Levels) Videos of all areas of grammar





Computer Applications

  • GFC Learn Free  (Beginning/Intermediate) Parts of computer, email basics, typing tutorial, internet 101

Keyboard Practice

Career Search

  • My Next Move  (All Levels) Career search, internet survey, learn about job outloo
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