General Policies

Here are a list of our general policies.

  • Continuation of a state supported class is dependent on funding and enrollment.
  • Instructor are subject to change.

  • Whenever feasible, classes are open entry/open exit and a waiting list is maintained.

  • Students may be dropped if absent three consecutive classes without notifying the teacher or office.

  • Students who are not progressing appropriately in class may be asked to leave.

  • Students may be dropped for poor attendance.

  • Students will be dropped for disrespectful or disruptive behavior in classrooms or on campus.

  • Children under 18 are not permitted in class unless specifically authorized.

  • Individuals on the campus who are inappropriately dressed and/or those whose personal hygiene is causing a disruption may be asked to leave.

  • The Governing Board prohibits the unlawful harassment or bullying of any student or employee by any other employee, student, or other person on school sites. 

  • Missed classes may not be made up nor will a refund be given.

  • Certificates may be awarded for successfully completing all course objectives.

  • All copyrighted materials must be used in compliance with applicable copyright and other laws. Computer software, graphics, audio, video, or other files may not be loaded on school computers without appropriate licensing.

  • The Santa Clara Unified School District Uniform Complaint Procedure is posted in the Adult Education Office.

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