Swim Advanced

Class Description

This class is designed for people that want to swim the length of a 25-yard pool and are comfortable in both shallow and deep water. Instructors will work with participants to create workouts based on student needs. Swimmers will build endurance throughout the session by increasing yardage and speed. Kickboards and buoys will be incorporated into workouts to help develop technique, strength, and endurance. Participants will have the opportunity to practice and improve all four swim strokes: fly, back, breast and freestyle.
M6:45PM-7:30PM10/24-12/12Pool7REGISTER NOW
W6:45PM-7:30PM10/26-12/14Pool7REGISTER NOW
M6:45PM-7:30PM1/9-3/20Pool9$110REGISTER NOW
M6:45PM-7:30PM3/27-5/22Pool8$100REGISTER NOW
W6:45PM-7:30PM1/11-3/22Pool10$120REGISTER NOW
W6:45PM-7:30PM3/29-5/31Pool9$110REGISTER NOW
Close up shot of man in his mid 70s swimming laps in a pool.

Class Details

Materials: None

Prerequisites: Swim the length of the pool

Instructor: N. Meck

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