Vinyasa Yoga

Class Description

We will enter into a posture and then leave moving seamlessly through one posture to another using our breath. Vinyasa, which means variation within a prescribed parameters, builds on a sequence of postures initiated by breath to awaken your mind, body, and soul. Come connect your body and your breath with one of the most popular forms of Yoga practice in the world today.

T/Th6:30AM-7:30AM1/4-3/17Online20$200REGISTER NOW
M/W5:00PM-6:00PM3/21-6/1Online19$190REGISTER NOW
Woman doing Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga asana Utthita parsvakonasana

Class Details

Materials: Yoga Mat, Yoga Blocks, Blanket or Towel

Prerequisites: None

Instructor: P. Svendsen

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