Wilson Preschool and Parent Education

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Wilson Preschool is offering online classes for 3’s and 4’s. Our classes meet three times a week for one hour each day. Classes include a circle time with movement, songs and stories as well as show-and-tell and hands-on activities. We provide each student with activity kits to be used with each lesson. In addition to the class meetings for children, each class will meet online once a week for parent education.

We offer two options for 3’s and 4’s:

Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 9-10am

Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 10:30-11:30am

To join us, please complete our application and email it to Daya Sánchez at [email protected]

Wilson Preschool Application

Fees and Tuition

Once you are placed in a class, there is a one-time, non-refundable $85 registration fee. Tuition for the November/December term is $255.

Our Philosophy

At Wilson Preschool…We believe parents are their child’s first and foremost teacher. We believe a partnership between parents and teachers creates a supportive learning environment for families.

At Wilson Preschool…We offer a hands-on, developmentally-appropriate preschool curriculum based on the High Scope model in which children learn through play and grow at their own pace.

At Wilson Preschool…We believe a strong preschool foundation with parent engagement leads to increased student achievement in K-12.

At Wilson Preschool…We have a professional, caring staff with strong backgrounds in early childhood development. Our teachers are also credentialed parent educators.

By offering a quality parent education preschool, we are helping build stronger families and, ultimately, stronger communities.

Parent Participation*

Part of what makes Wilson Preschool special is that parents actively participate in their child’s classroom. Parents work in the class one day per week (3 hours). Parents attend a 40-minute parent education discussion with the teacher and other parents during class time. Parent education curriculum provides tools for working with children in a school setting.

*Parents will not be able to work in the classroom during the 2020-21 school year. Parents do support their child in our online classes and continue to participate in parent education in an online format.

Parent Handbook

Parent Education Classes

Santa Clara Adult Education is not currently offering stand-alone parent education classes at this time. Please visit the Family Resource Center to learn about parent education opportunities offered through Santa Clara Unified School District.

Daya Sánchez, Program Coordinator
Phone: 408-423-3674
Email:[email protected]
Wilson Campus 1840 Benton St. Santa Clara, CA 95050
Preschool Office: E 2.2

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