Swimming Intermediate

Class Description

Are you comfortable in the water and ready to learn proper swim techniques and skills? Participants will practice fundamentals of the freestyle stroke which include: flutter kick, crawl arms and side breathing. In shallow water students will progress by swimming the width of the pool. Class progressions will include back stroke and treading water in both the shallow and deep end of the pool. Participants will practice at their own pace with support and guidance from the instructor.
T6:45PM-7:30PM10/25-12/13Pool7$80REGISTER NOW
T7:30PM-8:15PM10/25-12/13Pool7$80REGISTER NOW
W6:00PM-6:45PM10/26-12/14Pool7$80REGISTER NOW
Th7:30PM-8:15PM10/27-12/15Pool7$80REGISTER NOW
S12:15PM-1:00PM10/29-12/17Pool7$80REGISTER NOW
T6:45PM-7:30PM1/10-3/21Pool10$120REGISTER NOW
T7:30PM-8:15PM1/10-3/21Pool10$120REGISTER NOW
T6:45PM-7:30PM3/28-5/30Pool9$110REGISTER NOW
T7:30PM-8:15PM3/28-5/30Pool9$110REGISTER NOW
Th7:30PM-8:15PM1/12-3/23Pool10$120REGISTER NOW
Th7:30PM-8:15PM3/30-6/1Pool9$110REGISTER NOW
S12:15PM-1:00PM1/14-3/25Pool10$120REGISTER NOW
S12:15PM-1:00PM4/1-6/3Pool9$110REGISTER NOW
underwater picture of young swimmer in cap and goggles training in swimming pool

Class Details

Materials: None

Prerequisites: Swim Beginning

Instructor: P. Mount

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