High School Diploma

Independent Study Program

We are excited you are interested in getting your high school diploma!

We offer an independent study model of instruction. Students attend a weekly 30 minute appointment with the teacher. Appointments are available in the morning and the evening. In order to help students progress, regular attendance at the weekly appointment is mandatory.

The teacher assigns each student about 20 hours of work per week to be reviewed at their weekly appointment.

In-person and online instruction is available.

How do I enroll?

1.  Sign up for the high school diploma interest list

2.  The High School Counselor will send you an informational video and the reading assessment link.

3. Order official transcripts from any high school and/or colleges attended.* 

4. Take the reading assessment, and once you’ve reached and passed the 7th grade reading level,  email the counselor,  [email protected], notifying her that you have completed this requirement. The counselor will set up an intake meeting with you so you can start working towards your high school diploma.

5. You will be placed on the waiting list. When a spot opens up, attend the required orientation to include paperwork and scheduling

*NOTE:  If you recently attended a Santa Clara Unified School District high school:  Santa Clara High School, Wilcox High School, New Valley, or Wilson High School, you do not need to obtain an official transcript.  Instead, email Katie Bennett directly at [email protected]

How many credits do I need to graduate?

One-hundred and fifty (150) credits are required for graduation.

  • English/ 40
  • Math/ 10
  • Algebra / 10
  • Health/ 2.5
  • Life Science / 10
  • Physical Science / 10
  • Fine art or Foreign Language / 10
  • Practical Art / 5
  • World History / 10
  • U.S. History / 10
  • Government, Civics / 5
  • Economics / 5
  • Electives / 22.5

Total: 150

Graduation Ceremony

We hold a graduation ceremony at the end of each school year to recognize our graduates! More information is available from your instructor.  Make this the year you celebrate your graduation with friends and family!

Contact for more information

Contact: Katie Bennett, Counselor
Phone: (408) 423-3500
Email: [email protected]

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